Pamir Youth Hostel is where you will meet the most traditional Kashgar.

Our hostel locates at the physical and spiritual center of Kashgar old town, next door to Id Kah Mosque. Within 5 minutes’ walk, you will find many bazaars which have been run for centuries, selling foods, handicrafts, jewelries, spices, antiques, clothes, etc., and these are the soul of Kashgar life.

Our hostel is decorated in traditional Uighur style, and we plant grapes, figs, calabashes on the terrace café, where you will meet worldwide travelers and our cute cats and dog. From the terrace you can overlook Id Kah Mosque, watch prayer and hear Quran, which is amazing experience of Islam and Uighur culture.

We provide clean beds and hygiene facilities, Chinese and Western dining, and a free kitchen. We have free Wi-Fi fully covered and books for read and exchange. Supermarket, wet market, post office and banks are all within walking distance.

Our founders are experienced travelers and outdoor sports enthusiasts, can provide professional suggestions on trekking, cycling and driving. We organize tours to Pamir Mountains, KKH, Taklamakan Desert, Shipton’s Arch, etc., also provide ticket booking, vehicle chartering service and have bicycles, tents, etc. for rent.

Address: 3F, Section A, District 7, Id Kah Bazaar, Nuo’er Beixi Road, Kashgar (facing north gate of Id Kah Mosque)
Telephone: +86 998 2823376 +86 18099851967
Website: www.pamirhostel.com
Email: service@pamirhostel.com
Wechat/QQ: 18099851967

How to arrive Pamir Youth Hostel
1. From Railway Station: Bus 28 to Id Kah, 1 Yuan/person; taxi 10 Yuan/person
2. From Air Port: shuttle bus to Id Kah, 10 Yuan/person; taxi 30 Yuan/car
3. From Kashgar Bus Station: Bus 28 to Id Kah, 1 Yuan/person; taxi 5 Yuan/car
4. From International Bus Station: Bus 8/13/28 to Id Kah, 1 Yuan/person; taxi 5 Yuan/car
5. Take a taxi in the city: tell the driver to Id Kah